Sunday, May 3, 2015

Lovely night for a run

The air is crisp and the moon is shining bright over Cañada Road as Peter grinds out his last few miles. We're about to hand the very sweaty bracelet back to Van 1 after another successful round of late-night running.

Brent was once again ahead of schedule, and
Dawit finished his hilly 5.9 with a huge grin on his face. Craig and Jeff kept the momentum going, and Kirk got his chance to shine on the 2-mile "van bridge" segment, during which he expertly maneuvered Minnie to a sub-2 finish. I leapt out at the stop sign with adrenaline surging and had the novel experience of redlining it for 1.8 above-threshold tunnel-vision miles, giving me a painful reminder of why I prefer endurance events.

Now it's up to the speedsters in Van 1, who will continue along Foothill and begin our ascent into the Santa Cruz mountains, with Vitor "Hot" Rodrigues gunning it straight up the staircase that is Redwood Gulch. With 2/3 of the race complete, we remain only a few minutes behind our projections. Keep it up guys! We're gonna search for a place to snooze.

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