Saturday, April 30, 2011

Fun, fun, fun, fun

Andrew crushed his leg giving van two a decent gap with our expected time.

We are still mixing it up with team two, and we think there is another team that is pretty far in front of us, but we're fighting!

Van two back on the course

All the runners are done with their first leg, and we are pretty much right on schedule. Unfortunately, we are trailing a few teams... The field is brutal this year, but we're still in the hunt.

Reelin' Them In

Van 2 just finished off our first set of legs with two solid runs. Chris closed the gap by three minutes, putting us six minutes back from the leaders. Cedric followed up on leg 12 by catching Ooyala--who had dropped out of the lead--and moving Google1 two minutes closer to the leaders.

Van 1 now takes over with four minutes to make up. This is still anyone's race.

We Have Ourselves A Race

The competition has been tight up front with Ooyala and DSE alternating leads. Google1 is in the hunt along with Project Mayhem in the chase pack.

Currently, Big Cat is powering though the 8.1 miles of leg 10. Ooyala has a stud up front putting considerable distance on the field. Project Mayhem is also running strong, recently passing DSE to move them into second. The current gap between Google1 and the leaders is 7 minutes and 25 seconds with 2 miles left in leg 10.

Runner 10 going strong.

After a minor flub at the last exchange, Eddie is going strong. Ooyala, however, is crushing this course. There are a lot of love bugs flying around some gorgeous scenery.

Van 1 done with first leg

Van one came in three minutes, sixteen seconds ahead of schedule on the first set of legs.

We are still trailing another team by about a minute and a half, but hopefully van two can get the lead back.

Pack it up, Pack it in

It pays to be punctual.  After last year's close call at the start, we've learned our lesson and made it out of Safeway with plenty of time to spare.  Calistoga here we come.

(Currently playing on the Bone:  "You Can't Always Get What You Want" - Rolling Stones)

In napa

On 29 going through St. Helena. Starting to see runners...

Friday, April 29, 2011

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Welcome to the NEW blog & Organs R Us

Google1's preparing for the Calistoga Relay this weekend. We'll post updates to the blog and to Twitter (follow us @google1relay) as the race approaches.

Meantime, our congratulations to Organs R Us, the beneficiary of the race this weekend. They recently were awarded a grant from Google to expand their message using Google advertising. The importance of the cause of organ donation is impossible to overstate and Organs R Us has done an excellent job raising money and awareness, with $25 million raised to date. We're delighted to partner with them and join the hundreds of others in the Relay.