Sunday, May 3, 2015

Kick the tires and light the fires

06:15: "Good thing that alarm went off," Craig said, "I sure wasn't enjoying that sleep." We drowsily awoke from one of those naps that was too short to make you feel rested but just long enough to make your body really resent your sweet slumber's abrupt end. These are the moments of the relay when you question your sanity, since it sounds so much more pleasant to roll over and go back to sleep than to hightail it up to Saratoga Gap at sunrise to cover the final 40 miles of running to Natural Bridges Beach.
But Van 1 has been fighting the good fight throughout the night and now it's our turn to bring it home! I'm not exactly looking forward to my final run, but I am excited to take a cleansing and invigorating dip in the Pacific and have a celebratory beer with my superstar teammates. And hey, at least we'll be racing in daylight again.
We'll likely lose reception in the mountains, but I'll update with our ETA as we approach Santa Cruz! We're currently looking at a 10:25am arrival with a finishing time of 19:25.

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