Sunday, August 28, 2016

Another solid race

Thanks to everyone who followed the race this weekend.

Saturday, August 27, 2016


Another H2C on the books! Thanks to all the volunteers along the way!

Home stretch

Van 1 is parked at the beach, getting some well deserved rest as van 2 crushes their final legs. We've held only 20 minutes behind projection throughout the night despite being down one runner.

Jeff and Ben fearlessly stepped up to run 4 grueling legs after Matt was rushed to the emergency room with heat exhaustion after finishing his first leg. )Temps have been in the high nineties.) For you Strava aficionados, Ben still managed to snag a King of the Mountain for one of his two back-to-back legs.

Craig selflessly accompanied Matt to the hospital, then brought him to a hotel in Portland, making sure he was okay and well fed with warm, complementary cookies at the hotel. Matt is feeling much better and says he's "so so incredibly grateful for such a caring, Googley, fearless crew. Go get'm Google1!"
Vitor crushing his first leg in the merciless heat
Jeff about to start his first leg

Van 1 resting

Matt suffering from heat exhaustion.
At the hospital - Matt in a much better place.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Runner 2 bounds downhill

William Lane takes on Leg 2. With a 1500' drop over only 6 miles, this leg is really more falling than it is running.

When William isn't running for the Golden Gate Running Club, he does analysis for Google Search Ranking, coming up with metrics to evaluate our search results.

Google Doodlers

The Google1 team consists of the fastest 12 runners at Google who are willing to give up their physical and/or mental well-being for the weekend.

A little known fact is that we also bring exceptional Doodlers, who decorate our vans.

Luckily the artist shown here, Iain, is also blazing fast.

Hood to Coast 2016: Let's go!

And so it begins! Flights from SFO, SJC, and RNO departed early this morning for Portland. 13 speedy Googlers headed to compete in Hood to Coast, a 199 mile relay race from Mount Hood to the Pacific Ocean.

At 98F, it's going to be a scorcher. And a fast one! Google1 new timer Jonah Mann starts us off with a speedy downhill run.

Testing email posting

Hanging at exchange 1