Sunday, May 3, 2015

Like David's toilet, Google 1 won't stop running

... and Stanford ain't gonna jiggle OUR flush handles. That was an extended toilet metaphor, not an inappropriate sexual reference.

After murdering a chicken sandwich, self-administering  a back-of-van baby-wipe sponge bath, and taking a 30-minute power nap at David's place (thanks David!) I have to say I'm feeling pretty awesome, ready to jump back into battle for the Goog.

Van 2 is on our way to the T18 halfway point, where David "bring it" Ahn will hand off to Brent and we'll give Van 1 a well-deserved break. They've been pushing hard this evening and sticking close to our optimistic projections, but Stanford maintains a considerable lead. We'll see if they have staying power; we certainly won't be slowing down!

(And don't worry David, your toilet did eventually stop.)

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