Saturday, February 26, 2011


We finished around 11 am in Tempe Arizona (near Phoenix). Angela closed it out with a strong kick at the end. We enjoyed the complimentary massages at the end and muscle milk samples to refuel (and get huge). Just had a nice brunch at a nice little spot called U.S. Egg. We finished in first place!

After some food, two hours sleep and the second leg done looks like we are still ahead!

Van 1: zzzzz...

It's been a hard day's night, and now it's time to catch a few winks.  Van 2 has taken over the grind.  If their first set of legs is any indication, we should be further under our projected finishing time (and extending our lead going into the final set of legs).

Friday, February 25, 2011

Start and sunset

The glory of mobility

Testing the mobile blog posting.

The desert is gorgeous, were back on pace and van 1 has finished its
first set of legs.

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Time-out to watch the sun set

Sun's down gun's out

We're about a minute ahead of the second team, passing cacti and mountains as we cruise through the desert. Sun is setting ... yet sun's out gun's out: in the middle of his leg, Crosby flexed, flashing a Ragnar temporary tat on his forearm. Brian is killing it on his leg currently. Eddie, Brent, Jeff and I have also run our legs


Google1 Van 1 Dressed for the Ball

Heading to Wickenburg

Update from van 1: we're off and running -- not literally quite yet. Jeff kicks us off at 3 pm. Brian just arrived and we have a PHX to Wickenburg drive ahead of us under sunny, relatively clear skies. Veteran van pilot Kerry and Megan are at the wheel.