Friday, August 22, 2014

For immediate release

Van 2 finished their first set with University of Portland in sight. Van 1 takes chase.

Van 1 into Portland

Legs 1 through 6 are in the books. Brett and Arjun handled Mt. Hood like champs. And then Jeff, Ben, Matt and I held to the infamous team spreadsheet and opened up some time on our projection.

Taylor is *crushing* it on the driving. We had one navigation snafu at exchange 5 that she handled like a pro. Kerry would be proud.

Six legs down

Van 1 capped off our first six legs with Big Cat knocking a good two minutes of his projection. Sandbag award? Only time will tell.

Overall we are over 7 minutes ahead of the projection and leading the second pack. Nike BAC, U of Portland, and New Balance are out front. Van 2 is on the course.

Made it to PDX

Made it to Portland where conditions are ideal for running. Team feeling good.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Mother of All Relays

Time again for our annual pilgrimage to lovely Portland, Oregon for Hood to Coast.  Be sure to follow along as we look to improve upon last year's third place finish.

The team is looking as strong as ever.  The hay is in the barn, and we're chomping at the bit.