Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Polaroid Throwback

Kerry dug up some amazing vintage Google1 Polaroid pictures. These are from our 2007 running of Reach the Beach and the 2008 running of Ragnar Del Sol. The flexing pose throughout is known as the Tom Phillips, for the uninitiated. It's an homage to the greatest Google employee picture ever.

Thanks for following the blog!

As usual, we forgot to post results. 3rd overall (our previous best finish was 7th), 2nd in the mens corporate division (Bowerman AC all work at Nike...go figure). Look out for the HoodToCoast #ThroughGlass video that we're currently editing. And get pumped for the JP Morgan Corporate Challenge in SF next week!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Waiting at the beach

Plenty of muscle milk for making muscles.

I got a fever

and the only prescription is Ben's cowbell.

Back in cell range

Van 2 is midway through our last legs. Eddie and Andrew are finished and Ben Mears is midway through a tough but beautiful 7.8 miles. As you can tell from the pics, he's cruising.

Friday, August 23, 2013

A beautiful evening

The weather has been beautiful so far. Really perfect for running aside from a patch of late-day heat.

Great sunset from our way to Portland.

Once more into the breach, dear friends

Game time is almost here for van 2. We're currently at exchange 18, waiting for Matt and Jeff to finish. Ready to go after a quick stop at Sizzle Pie in Portland.

Knock on wood, but we haven't seen the levels of crazy van pileup delays as we did last year. Mist, OR will be the real test, but maybe the early start time worked...

Into the Night

Van 1 is in the middle of our second set of legs, leaving Portland. Uncorroborated reports are that we sit in 3rd (!) behind Bowerman AC and Portland alumni. A number of teams in the mixed division are running a tight race behind us.

Portland Traffic Report


It's bad. Three almost-misses for Ben Liebald, Ben Carr and Angie Strange.

I think Kerry Murrill, driver extrodinaire, would have been proud of our "adaptive routing" and creative use of u-turns to get out of traffic.

About to hand it back to van 1 in Portland.

Be prepared

Hood to Coast is well-marked, with great volunteers at turns. Still, doesn't hurt to be prepared.

The waiting game

I think one of the hardest things about these relays is the waiting. Van 2 is currently in irons (as the sailors would say) at the exchange for leg 7. We should start in about an hour, but in the meantime, we can only hang out, stretch and not let nerves get to us. These races are fits of energy for a few hours followed by a slow burn of laying low and chatting with teammates & other teams (one just let us know that our blog address is 401'ed on the van--thanks Team Glory Days)

And we're off

Rob Landauer runs first, followed by John Ritter. Quite an introduction to Google relays.

Beautiful views over the Cascades today

The forest fires north of us haven't impacted the south of Mt. Hood.

Not every team takes this as seriously as us

Costume ideas for next year. Glass has been a big hit with the other teams at the start.

Alaska Air Flight 387

to Portland is now departing.

Early morning on BART

Its 5:32. AM. Very AM. This is gonna be awesome.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Running + Art

Google1 alumna Gretchen Andrus (follow her here) just uploaded a great video on running and her art. Nice work, Gretch!


On the eve of the race, race sponsor Nike does an awesome YouTube homepage masthead. Great video if folks are looking to get pumped for tomorrow--I hope there are some movie actors out there.

Hood to Coast 2013: T-minus 20 hours

We'll start at 1:30pm this year, so it'll be an early flight up to Oregon. Follow the blog for updates, and also follow the team on Google+. That way, you'll get to see Hood to Coast #ThroughGlass.