Saturday, May 2, 2015

1/3 of the way done

With the baton (actually a rubber bracelet) passed back to Van 1, the crew of Van 2 is invading David's place in the hope of catching  a brief snooze.

Jeff "can I buy a vowel" Czyz crushed his 8-miler with his customary velocity, Peter "bat out of hell" Battaglino ran his 4.8 miles in a speedy 31 minutes, and I chased down blinking lights for 6.9 dark and hilly miles, doing my damnedest not to blow it for the team.

We continue to lag behind Stanford (or more accurately, the joint Stanford-Berkeley alliance) but the mood is optimistic and our van doesn't smell TOO bad yet. We are ready to run hard through the night!

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