Sunday, May 1, 2011

Finishing Strong (Van 2 legs 31-36 recap)

The final 6 legs can be summarized as blazing fast downhills followed by some absolutely brutal climbs. Project Mayhem started the set with a sizable lead and extended it into the finish. DSE followed with Google1 in pursuit and Ooyala falling back. We were able to whittle DSE's lead over us to 5 minutes, but didn't have enough ground to overtake them in the end.

Big props to Eddie and Chris for running two of the hardest legs on the course. Also, great performances by Project Mayhem, DSE, and Ooyala. This has been by far the most competitive relay I've run since joining Google1. There was no need for kill counts to occupy our minds this year. Only three other teams to duke it out with. We'll be gunning for you guys next year.

Great job today, Google1. We laid it all out, and I think I speak for everyone in saying there were no regrets. Special thanks as always to our drivers Kerry and Christine. Also, thanks to Eddie and Kerry for your tireless efforts at organizing these relays. They do not go unappreciated.

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