Sunday, May 1, 2011

Breaking it down

I know Eddie will be breaking down our leg times and other details, but I thought I'd provide this one tidbit...

In the last decade (prior to today), there were exactly two performances at The Relay that were faster than the 6:11 pace we managed today:
  1. 2008, Google-1, 6:08 pace
  2. 2004, 12 Angry Men 3, 6:04 pace
The fact is, we did show up this weekend, and we beat our own projections by twenty minutes.  I think we all deserve a congratulations for that!  

Oh, and of course, the two teams who managed to be even faster today deserve a shout-out as well:
  • DSE Racing, 6:09 pace
  • Project Mayhem, 6:05 pace
Well done, folks, and once again it was a privilege running with you.


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