Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Competition Was Fierce (Van 2 legs 19-24 recap)

Van 1 kept us close coming off the Golden Gate Bridge to finish their second set of legs. Project Mayhem (Chico Wildcats Track Club) went through at an undetermined time in first with DSE Racing Team chasing farther away. Back a handful of minutes was Ooyala with Google1 in hot pursuit, trailing by only 30 seconds.

I hawked down Ooyala's runner within the first mile despite being outmatched to provide some motivation for the van and making up some time on DSE in the process. Mike next passed Ooyala and proceeded to go mano-a-mano with DSE's Thor, whom we appropriately nicknamed for his flowing blonde locks and likely participation in the Clydesdale division. Blake showed off his speed by closing the gap with DSE, proving to be a key addition to the team.

Next, Eddie held tough against a strong Ooyala ringer who powered back ahead of us, leaving us a minute behind them and only another minute back from DSE. Kerry gunned the van down the highway so Chris could keep it close on his abbreviated leg before handing off to Cedric who methodically pulled us into the front of the chase pack and then some.

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