Sunday, May 1, 2011

Done and done.

And not a minute too soon. Google 1 did a great job finishing 1st in the Corporate division and 3rd overall. It was by far the most exciting Calistoga relay we've run. The weather was fabulous albeit a tad warm.

After the finish, we joined team Ooyala at the Whale City Bakery for burgers and a very refreshing local brew.

Highlights for me:
-The gopher/groundhog
-Blake Arnold : splendid van 2 pickup
-Eddie's panicked/motivational speech
-Chris Holstrom really taking a few legs for the team
-Brandell sporting not one but a series of bandanas

Many many others come to mind. Thanks all for a great weekend and another victory at The Relay. I didn't get a team pic on my camera but here's an Ooyala/Google pic instead

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