Friday, August 24, 2012

Van 2: Leg 8

The sun was setting over the Oregon Alfalfa fields as the (now very well used) baton was passed on for the 8th leg. The route was overall downhill,  but there were a few rolling hills to keep one honest.

Being the Google team we are always interested on how technology marches forward and changes lives.  In this case, technology marched forward rather slowly - and caused much stress in my life. The technology in question here was the Motorolla Aktiv sports watch with GPS. I have little / no experience using such black magic and was eager to have it keep me on track to meet the Big Cat predicted pace. (Actually - I more worried about missing the Big Cat required pace....;) ) Well, it started giving slow splits.....45seconds slower than planned. 'Well, just relax and pick it up'....still slow.....'ok...stretch your stride, lift the hips, stride out'......still slow....."go faster"....still slow..."go even faster" get it by now. The one gets to thinking.....was it the kale in my all organic locally sourced salad I had the day before at the raw food bar?! Am I missing a massage? Perhaps I am missing a shot of caffeine from the sneak attack barrista? oh - the decisions and uncertainty of working at Google!

In the end the GPS was the source of uncertainty and was short on the distance. The time looked ok.....apparently cut a few seconds its onward and upward to the next leg!!!

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