Friday, August 24, 2012

First set of legs almost wrapped up in Van 1.  We are collectively six minutes or so ahead of schedule - good start, but the truth will be told in the second and third set of legs.

Some details:

Leg 1: Chris. led it out down a brutal descent and beat down his projection by almost 4 minutes... nice!  And only a few blisters, not too shabby!
Leg 2: Big Cat took the baton and finished the descent down Mt. Hood.  That downhill bought us another couple minutes!
Leg 3: Ben C followed up with a nice fast 4 miles.
Leg 4: I wasn't feeling all that great, but I managed my 7.18 miles without losing any time... that's a win!
Leg 5: Loren had the hardest of our first set of miles: a hilly 6 miles, which he seemed to gobble up.
Leg 6: Crosby is out there now doing what he does best.

Looking forward to dinner!


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