Saturday, May 5, 2012

Golden Gate Bridge under the supermoon

Van Halen is currently passing through Marin. We've broken out the pop tarts on the long drive to exchange 24 where we'll catch a few hours of sleep at Blake's pad (praying that there's not a late-night, noisy party) and wait for Van Morrison.

After a few zzz's Blake will likely uncork the first five hour energy of the night after depriving himself of caffeine for this past week to ensure maximum impact. Bracingly crisp.

We're all finished with our first set of legs, after stomaching a day's worth of pre-race jitters. Earlier, the Benz ran mighty fine miles, Ben "the" Carr completing his first relay leg ever. Blake cranked through his miles at an impressively brisk pace, especially considering that he was wearing worn-out running flats wrapped in tape to prevent them from disintegrating. He handed off to Jeff, who tackled the challenging hills that loomed early in leg 12 and then flew on the downhills. We're in second place, about 10 minutes behind DSE. The night is young and we're crossing the Golden Gate Bridge under the supermoon.

Nothin' but a G thang just started on the ipod. Time to chill til the next episode.


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