Sunday, May 6, 2012

5 star accommodations

Van Halen rocked our second set of six legs. We're on the long drive to the next big van exchange where we'll wait for Morrison and catch a little sleep. However, it's highly unlikely that the van seats, ground, or in Loren's case, car roof, will provide as comfortable accommodations as Blake's apartment.  We slept in his basement earlier tonight where we managed to get a full night's sleep of 45 minutes while being serenaded by his roommate singing "Waiting for a funeral" by Band of Horses.

We're happy to see that we won't have to wear bulky headlamps and reflective vests, based on the sunrise time.

I forgot to mention that earlier we had a mobile phone hangout with a few members of Van Morrison as we were waiting for them to meet us on the Golden Gate Bridge.

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