Friday, August 27, 2010

And we're off!

It was a long and anxious wait up at the lodge on beautiful Mt Hood, getting colder and crisper by the minute, but worthwhile to soak up all the great views (and let all the bad food I mistakenly ate the last 24 hours digest just enough to make my run somewhat comfortable).

The 'gun' - the starter yelling 'Get out of here!' to the runners at the line - went off right at 6:45, and Devin took off in 1st, leading the fastest flight of the race. Flying down the hill as I write, he'll hand off to Loren who will continue down the mountain, then to me not too long after that. Hopefully it'll get a touch warmer as we drop in altitude...

Hood to Coast 2k10 is officially underway for Google 1 - see you on the flip side!


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