Friday, August 27, 2010

1/3 of the way done...

So we had a brief 'debate' in van 1, on whether we were 1/6 of the way to the coast or 1/3 after having completed our first round of duties in the race.

Distance- and leg-wise, we certainly would have to say 1/6 of the way finished, which turned out to be a bit depressing of a notion, seeing as most of us have been up for 16 hours, have run a pretty hard leg, and haven't had a square sit-down meal the whole day*.

Each one of us quickly agreed that we should consider ourselves 1/3 of the way to the coast, as we don't have to do any extra work before we pick things up at leg 13. Definitely a more optimistic way to look at things, even if it's less accurate.

On our way to the second van exchange, and hopefully a little shut-eye as well. We'll be stopping right by the Willamette river, and get ready for our set of industrial/urban legs. Loren just had the bright idea to go bar hopping in Portland, seeing as it is 11pm. Have fun out there Loren. I'll be passed out on the front bench.

*I just have to assume this is the case for everyone else in the van, as they flew in from SF this morning. I luckily got in last night (though had a very long flight from Boston), and had a great meal at a laidback diner in Portland called Fuller's. Check it out next time you're here. I highly recommend the french toast.

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