Friday, May 14, 2010

Crossing The Hudson

From the second Eddie handed the baton to Terence, we were *flying* for leg 2. Everyone pretty much met or exceeded goals this go around... And picked up lots of road kill. NADS has extended their lead to 25 minutes, but we're keeping at it. 

The highlights:
Terence: "This van is hot and stuffy. Do we have any fig newtons"
Mike: "I'm sure that combination of words has never been spoken before!"

"That can't be Stevie ahead. That runner is wearing pants."

Stevie after leg 2: "I puked into the Hudson River... And felt much better"

Finally Esther was sick of the guys because we couldn't get over the fact that the toll taker at the mid Hudson Bridge was (as Grant claimed) "movie star hot!... Ok maybe a little trashy, but hot!" 

Peter is about to hand off to the ridiculously speedy Grant...
I think we've earned a nice long nap. 

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