Saturday, August 23, 2008


To the viewers of this blog: we've had several discussions surrounding the relative merits of Poptarts during the relay. Here's a topic for discussion that I'd like to solicit thoughts on:
"Resolved; poptarts are the the greatest food ever"

Food for thought: Only in America could we take a danish, make it more portable, more non-perishable (second next to twinkies-which don't have the benefit of foil), and more delicious. They come in all flavors for people in all walks of life--what's not more liberty-loving than that? Poptarts are, in a word, terrific.

Thoughts? Favorite Poptarts memories? Frosted or unfrosted? Toasted or untoasted? I put it to the people--share away.

PS-a history of Poptarts can be found here.

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