Friday, November 9, 2012

Van 2 extending the lead

Van 2 just completed our first set of legs.  The competition is tight between Google1 and Pants Optional, the only other team to start with us.  We took over from van 1 with a 2-minute lead.  Blake led off leg 7 tackling a tough uphill climb and managed to gain about a minute in the process.  Next up Ben L cruised through his leg, impeded only by those pesky traffic lights.

The remaining set of legs were short and fast.  Brent ran his 2.9 miles hard, the distance being practically a sprint for him.  Larry took an extended leg of 4 miles managing a solid time despite running a marathon less than a week earlier.  Andrew tested his injured foot out on an abbreviated 3-mile leg and it proved sound.  Jeff closed out leg 12's 3.3-mile distance, not letting the challenger's anchor gain any ground.  Van 1 takes over with a 3-minute lead.  Still anyone's race though.

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