Friday, August 26, 2011

Van one is DONE ... with Leg one

Big Cat Higgins just wrapped up van one's legs under a brutal late afternoon sun. Earlier, after their blisteringly fast downhill legs, Blake and Mary Liz talked strategy for dealing with the bottom of their feet, which were looking quite gnarly. To pop or not to pop? It's a tough question this early in the race. Luckily we just stopped at a Walgreen's to pick up some mole skin, since I believe they both elected the former.

We're actually not 100% sure if Nike Bowerman started with us. If so, we're not too far behind.

Since we've never started this early, the heat has been a new challenge to deal with. But the worst of it is over. And Eddie just pointed out that we will get awesome tans ... and Blake just suggested getting a Google tattoo on his chest for next relay.


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